EEMC2022 - 5th to 11th April

CHANGE OF VENUE: Due to Covid rules in other coutntries, Haberdashers' Girls' School will be hosting all those pupils, from both the boys' and girls' school, who can't go home during the Easter Break. We will, therefore, be using the boys' school this year for our course. The address is Monmouth School for Boys, Almshouse Street, Monouth, NP25 3XP.

This popular and highly acclaimed course provides an excellent opportunity for experienced players of viols and recorders to work on early music in a chamber setting.  Under the guidance of our team of expert tutors, highly regarded as performers and teachers, participants are able to develop their technical and musical skills in an informal, friendly and supportive environment. Many of our participants sing, or maybe play other early instruments, which are very welcome in the evening Tutti sessions and some ensembles.

Our Tutors for 2022 will be Tom Beets, John Bryan, David Hatcher, Alison Kinder, Anna Stegmann, Philip Thorby and Joris Van Goethem.

Each day features five tutored sessions and, in addition, there are many opportunities to play informally. Take a look at the timetable to get an idea of how the course will be set up.

There is a minimum expectation that all players will be competent on their instruments and comfortably able to hold their own, usually one to a part. This is so that all can enjoy playing in groups, large and small, with any combination of participants.

To get an idea of the variety of music that we cover go to the repertoire page. Each year we have a theme and in 2022 the theme is “MUSIC”. Rather a general theme, you think? Perhaps not: this is music about music. From Andrea Gabrieli's “Cantiam Di Dio”, through settings of the Psalmist's Cantate Domino, and Orpheus taming wild beasts in Lassus’s “Musica Dei Donum” to a singing contest between the Muses and the Pleiades, composers respond in a very special way when they use their own art in honour of that art. Not every session will be linked to this theme, but at least one of the 11.30 sessions each day, and some of the evening tuttis, will illustrate it: as always, you are free to follow it through the week, dip in and out, or even ignore it altogether!

A=440 except by prior agreement with other players in small groups.

EEMC is keen to support and encourage up and coming young tutors. We hope to invite both a viol and a recorder Trainee Tutor for 2023. They will be shadowing and helping our wonderful team of tutors.

Jacks, Pipes & Hammers and The Early Music Shop will be with us as usual, in 2022. Barry Holder,  the recorder and viol technician from the Early Music shop, will also join us for a few days. Hopefully, viol maker, Merion Attwood, will bring some viols to show us and will also be available to do some viol adjustments. A busy week!

Applying for EEMC2022 

Applications for EEMC2022 opened on 1st September and we were full in less that a day. Fantastic news!

There is a chance that a couple of places may become available and so if you are keen to join please go to the "Fees and How to Apply" page, where there will be a link to the waiting list form which you can then add your name to.

Please note that EEMC dates for 2023 are Saturday 15th to Friday 21st April.

We hope to see you there,

Philip Thorby - Course Director

Josee Beeson - Course Administrator

"Beautiful music brought to life by the very best tutors; lovely people to play alongside; delicious food to keep us all going and flawless organisation — perfect!"


Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls
24 Hereford Road, Monmouth
NP25 5XT